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Bunyips (Age 3-6) Lift & Ski Lesson
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Some Lesson and Lift+Lesson products may not be available in September due to decreased Ski School operations.

Please select your start date for products carefully!

Lift and Lesson products include a full day lift pass (restricted to beginner lifts for 1 Day Discover Passes). 

These products
do not include rental gear. Please book rental equipment if required.

Bunyips products include a complimentary (Free of Charge) unlimited lift pass for the day. The charges involved are purely for the ski school instruction.

Bunyips AM & PM sessions are running until 1st October. Please note: 
Lessons are for levels 1-4 only. 
AM to All Day upgrades are available only from the Ski & Snowboard School sales counter. 
Advance bookings are strongly recommended - please book AM if you wish to secure a slot for an All Day lesson.

From 2nd October, Bunyips AM sessions will be running for levels 1 & 2 only.


All Day Session: 9.30am to 3.30pm (includes lunch)
AM Session: 9.30am to 1.00pm (includes lunch)
PM Session: 1.00pm to 3.30pm (no lunch)
First Timer (Kids 7-14yr only): 11.00am to 2.30pm (includes lunch)

  • Please be at the appropriate meeting place with tickets and equipment at least 15 minutes before the start of the lesson.

  • Skiers (Bunyips 3-6yr) meet inside the Ski & Snowboard School Building on Bourke Street (Heli Flat) at the Bunyips Centre.
  • Parents must include emergency contact information and any allergy information for children at the time of registration.

All participants must have a valid BTAG and lesson ticket prior to joining their class outside at the Ski School meeting place. Lift and lesson tickets can be collected at any Mt Buller Ticket outlet, Buller Sports outlet, or the Ski and Snowboard School ticket counter (in the lobby on Level 4 of the Ski & Snowboard School Building on Bourke Street).

PLEASE NOTE -- All children diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis or allergies must have an approved action plan signed by a doctor. Adrenaline kits, including the device, any prescribed antihistamine, and a signed action plan must be place a in a thermal bag and attached or carried by the child.

Please note: Failure to provide the Centre with a complete action plan signed by a doctor may result in your child being refused entry into the centre.
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Blue Bullet
Abom Express
Bourke St Carpet
Northside Express
Happy Feet and Gliders Carpets

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We do not offer lesson bookings over the phone, other than Private Lessons.

Private Lessons
PH (03) 5777 7877.