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Product Start Date

Spring LIFT PASS discounts begin September 11th / September 18th.

Some Lesson and Lift+Lesson products may not be available in September due to decreased Ski School operations.

Please select your start date for products carefully!

Lift and Lesson products include a full day lift pass (restricted to beginner lifts for 1 Day Discover Passes). 

These products
do not include rental gear. Please book rental equipment if required.

Discover (1st Lesson) Lesson TimesBeginner-Intermediate Group Lesson Times
Daily - 9am, 11am, 1:30pm
Weekends - 9am, 10am, 11am, 1:30pm
Daily - 10am, 1:30pm
Ceased for 2017
Discover Pass InformationGroup Lesson Information

As of 11th September, 2017, the Ski School is at reduced operational capacity, and therefore not all lessons running. Please choose a date and refer to the product list below for available lift and lessons.

To find out what lesson level you should choose, please use the chart below.


SKIING DISCOVER Never skied before To balance, glide and stop and ride the Magic Carpet
BOARDING DISCOVER Never ridden before To balance, glide, heel side slipping, falling leaf and ride Magic Carpet
SKIING BEGINNER Ride the Magic Carpet and stop Turning, linking turns, speed control through turning
BOARDING BEGINNER Ride Magic Carpet, Heel side & falling leaf Toe side turning, linking turns, speed control through turning
SKIING BEGINNER PLUS Can link snowplough turns on green runs. Introduction to basic parallel turns and blue runs. I start to ski on blue runs (Summit, Shakey Knees, Family Run)
BOARDING BEGINNER PLUS Can do skidded turns, traverse and ride the chairlift. Introduction to basic terrain park features, jumps, rails. Improvement on overall control. Learn Fakie and learn to launch!
SKIING INTERMEDIATE Can almost make parallel turns, hockey stop and side slip on blue runs. Refine parallel turns, short radius, carving. Introduction into black runs and bumps. Ski the whole mountain.
BOARDING INTERMEDIATE Can link basic turns, do 3- point turns & skidded 360s. Refine turns & move to more difficult features within the terrain parks Incorporate freestyle elements.
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Discovery Lifts:

Blue Bullet
Abom Express
Bourke St Carpet
Northside Express
Happy Feet and Gliders Carpets

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We do not offer lesson bookings over the phone, other than Private Lessons.

Private Lessons
PH (03) 5777 7877.